Dr. Ryan Anderson

I have been in practice for almost 10 years in San Clemente, CA. I spent some of that time working in corporate chiropractic, as an associate, and as an independent contractor, but mostly as a solo practitioner. In 2019 I was frustrated with experiencing ups and downs with my practice growth. I had no idea how to set goals or what my true purpose was as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I have had various mentors through the years but it wasn't until I met a coach named Brian Matsen, that I was really able to begin my journey to understand my true potential for success and achievement. Brian is not a chiropractor so I had to do the work of tailoring what he showed me to the needs of my growing practice, staff, and patients. Through this training my practice has seen a 5x increase in production. I wholeheartedly attribute this success to the material I teach in my amazing Prosperity Mindset Adjustment series.

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About the Mentoring

Many Doctors of Chiropractic, myself included have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on industry specific training, programs, coaching, etc. This mentorship is not designed to be a replacement for those systems that are working. In fact, part of the design of this series is to help you see why you are likely not utilizing these systems fully. The reason for this is simple. It is your mind and the way you think. I will help you learn how to overcome the doubt, fear, and anxiety that come with implementing new systems and habits. I'm not here to take away what you have learned. I'm here to expand upon it! Join me on this journey and I promise you will never look at yourself, your practice, or the world around you the same again.